Baraj Güvenliği 2005 Konferansı 23-27 Eylül 2005 tarihleri arasında ABD’nin Orlando şehrinde yapıldı.

Baraj Güvenliği 2005 Konferansı 23-27 Eylül 2005 tarihleri arasında ABD’nin Orlando şehrinde yapıldı. Konferansta proje mühendisleri, baraj patronları, mühendisler ve bilim adamlarından oluşan 500 katılımcı tarafından pratikte karşılaşılan problemler ve çözümleri tartışıldı ve baraj güvenliği ile ilgili yeni gelişmeler önerildi. Eyalet yetkilileri tarafından Katrina ve Rita kasırgalarının sonuçları değerlendirildi. “Türkiye’deki Büyük Barajların Sismik Tehlike Analizi ve Risk Sınıflaması” adlı bildiri, BGD Başkanı Prof. Dr. Hasan TOSUN tarafından sunuldu. Konferansta sunulan bildirilerin ingilizce olarak listesi aşağıda sunulmaktadır.




Dam Safety 2005


10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Swamps in the Delta – Not Dams: Addressing Seepage

Supplemental Tests to Evaluate Suitability of Materials Proposed for Use in Critical Filter Zones

Danny K. McCook, Civil Engineer, National Design, Construction and Soil Mechanics Center, Natural Resources

Conservation Service, Fort Worth, TX

Design, Construction, and Performance of Seepage Barriers for Guanella Dam, Colorado

John W. France, P.E., Senior Principal, URS Corporation, Denver, CO; Stephen L. Jamieson, P.E., Principal, and Paul P.

Perri, P.E., Principal, W.W. Wheeler and Associates, Englewood, CO

Construction of a Roller Compacted Concrete Upstream Blanket and Plastic Concrete Cutoff Wall at Cleveland


Neil K. Singh, P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer; Ryan Douglas, P.Eng., P.E., Geotechnical Engineer; and Steven R.

Ahlfield, P.Eng., Manager, Geoenvironmental Division, Klohn Crippen Consultants, Vancouver, British Columbia; and

Murray Gant, P.Eng., Senior Project Engineer, Greater Vancouver Water District, Burnaby, British Columbia.

Concurrent Session II: Lessons Learned in Hydrology and Hydraulics

As the Wind Blows: Freeboard Design in Hurricane Country

Terrence E. Arnold, P.E., Senior Project Manager; and Yung Shen, P.E., Ph.D., Senior Hydrologist, MWH Americas,

Denver, CO; and John Haapala, P.E., Senior Hydrologist, MWH Americas, Bellevue, WA

Pre- and Post-Burn Hydrologic Investigation of Graveyard Wash Flood Retarding Structure Watershed

Robert A. Eichinger, P.E., CFM, Water Resources Division Manager; and Laurie Marin, P.E., CFM, Hydrologist, Kimley-

Horn and Associates, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Do You Know Your SITES?

Gregg W. Hudock, P.E., Senior Project Engineer, Golder Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA; Anna Bramblett, P.E.,

Construction Engineer, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Watkinsville, GA; and Terry West, P.E., Senior

Engineer, Gwinnett County Department of Public Utilities, Lawrenceville, GA

Concurrent Session III: Don’t Rely on Voodoo: Emergency Planning

Mt. Morris Dam Emergency Action Plan

Paul E. Murawski, Hydraulic Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo, NY

Louisiana’s NIKE® Approach to EAPs: Just Do It!

Daniel J. Aucutt, P.E., Aquaterra Engineering, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA

Automated Dam Data Acquisition and Alarm Reporting System – ADDAARS in Puerto Rico

Miguel A. Perez, P.E., Administrator; Dams and Reservoirs Safety Program, and Manuel Perez del Rio, Senior Engineer

Supervisor, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, San Juan, PR; Pedro L. Diaz, Director; and John E. Parks, Systems

Administrator, US Geological Survey, Guaynabo, PR

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1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Innovations in Geotech

Connecting RCC and Rockfill Portions of Dam Design and Construction Considerations

Keith A. Kessler, P.E., Resident Engineer; and Elena Sossenkina, Monitoring Coordinator, Paul C. Rizzo Associates,

Columbia, SC; Joseph Ehasz, P.E., Vice President, Washington Group International, San Marcos, CA; and William R.

Argentieri, P.E., Senior Engineer, South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, Columbia, SC

A Bio-Polymer Drain Solution for Piute Dam

Phil C. Gerhart, P.E., President, Gerhart Consultants, Inc., Springville, UT; Steven R. Day, Vice President, Geo-Solutions,

Inc., Littleton, CO; and Eric R. Dixon, P.E., Senior Engineer, Franson Noble Engineering, American Fork, UT

New Geophysical Technology for Locating Seepage Through Dams

Brett J. Pinegar, CEO, and Val O. Kofoed, COO, Willowstick Technologies, Draper, UT

Concurrent Session II: Expert Advice on Appurtenant Works

Table Rock Intake – When the Tunnel Hits the Shaft

Stephen L. Whiteside, P.E., Southeast Geotechnical Area Manager, CDM, Raleigh, NC; and Michael D. Sharpless, P.E.,

Program Manager, Greenville Water System, Greenville, SC

Design Outlet Works Around a Re-license

Michael C. Johnson, Ph.D., P.E., Research Scientist, Utah State University Research Foundation, Logan, UT; James E.

Pearman, P.E., Senior Valve Engineer, Rodney Hunt Company, Orange, MA; and Rod Lubben, P.E., Consulting

Engineer, Orinda, CA

Structural Repairs for Ice Damage to Intake Tower

  1. Barry Newman, P.E., Geotechnical/Structural Group Manager; John D. Mozer, P.E., Staff Consultant; Florian L.

Bechtold, P.E., Engineering Manager, GAI Consultants, Inc., Homestead, PA; John M. Callihan, Technical Specialist,

Reliant Energy, Canonsburg, PA; and Richard A. Kovac, Technical Services, Keystone Power Plant, Shelocta, PA

Concurrent Session III: Jazzin’ Up the Labyrinth Spillway

Negotiating the Maze: Labyrinth Spillway Theory and Practice

Bruce Savage, Assistant Professor, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA; and Greg Paxson, P.E., Senior

Engineer, Schnabel Engineering, West Chester, PA

Boyd Lake Spillway – An Innovative Approach to Using a Labyrinth Weir

Darren J. Brinker, P.E., Associate Engineer, Boyle Engineering Corporation, Lakewood, CO

Raising the Dog! River Dam, That Is

Dan M. McGill, P.E., Senior Consultant and Gary R. Bailey, P.E., Associate, Schnabel Engineering, Alpharetta, GA

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Shakin’ Up the Mudbugs: Seismic and Geotech Issues

Seismic Upgrade of the Seymour Falls Dam Using Explosive and Dynamic Compaction

Len Murray, P.Eng., P.E., Regional Manager, and Neil K. Singh, P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer; Klohn Crippen

Consultants, Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia; Frank Huber, P.Eng., Division Manager, and David Siu, P.Eng., Senior

Engineer, Greater Vancouver Water District, Burnaby, British Columbia

Seismic Stability Evaluation for Ute Dam, New Mexico

John W. France, P.E., Senior Principal, URS Corporation, Denver, CO

Seismic Hazard Analyses and Risk Classification for Large Embankment Dams in Turkey

Hasan Tosun, Professor, Osmangazi University Civil Engineering Department and Dam Safety Association, Eskisehir,

Turkey; and Evren Seyrek, Research Assistant, Osmangazi University Civil Engineering Department, Eskisehir, Turkey

Concurrent Session II: Innovations on Variable Crest Spillways

Replacing Spillway Flashboards and Raising Reservoirs with Inflatable Dams/Gates

Paul G. Schweiger, P.E., Senior Project Manager; Robert A. Kline, P.E., Senior Project Manager; and Donald P.

Roarabaugh, P.E., Project Engineer, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA; and Richard M. Rudolph, P.E.,

Supervisor/Hydro Engineering Department, Xcel Energy, Eau Claire, WI

When Failure Means Success: The Multi-Bay Fuse Plug Emergency Spillway at Piute Dam

Eric R. Dixon, P.E., Senior Engineer; Richard M. Noble, P.E., Principal; and Jason E. Bradford, Engineer I, Franson Noble

Engineering, American Fork, UT

Design and Construction of a Fuse Plug Spillway for Flood Control

Gregory G. Glunz, P.E., Water Resources Engineer; and Gregg Batchelder-Adams, P.E., Senior Geotechnical Engineer,

URS Corporation, Denver, CO.

Concurrent Session III: Gator-Strength Anchors

Designing and Constructing Spillway and Stability Improvements for a High Concrete Gravity Dam

Rodney E. Holderbaum, P.E., Vice President; Donald P. Roarabaugh, P.E., Project Engineer, and Michel H. Jubran,

Construction Manager, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA

Installation of Post-Tension Anchors in the Wilderness – More Than Just Drilling and Grouting

John C. Stoessel, P.E., Dam Safety Engineer, Bradley Wyatt, Manager of Engineering, Larry E. Ford, Technical

Specialist, Southern California Edison Company, San Dimas, CA; Craig McElfresh, Vice President, MCS Construction,

Inc., Clovis, CA; and Charles M. Knarr, P.E., Structural Engineer, Outten Engineering Company, Long Beach, CA

Rock Anchors for Dams: The Preliminary Results of the National Research Project

Donald A. Bruce, Ph.D., C.Eng., L.G., President, Geosystems, L.P., Venetia, PA; and John S. Wolfhope, P.E., Principal,

Freese & Nichols, Inc., Austin, TX


8:30 am – 10:00 am

General Session: Complacency Can’t Win

The Systems Were Blinking Red - What Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Teach Us About Dam Safety

Todd E. Martin, P.Eng., P.Geo., AMEC Earth & Environmental Ltd., Burnaby, British Columbia

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Tackling Seismic Issues

Seismic Evaluation of Semi-Embedded Appurtenant Structures

Enrique E. Matheu, Ph.D., Research Structural Engineer; and Michael K. Sharp, P.E., Ph.D., Technical Director,

Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS; and

Michael H. Beaty, Ph.D., Geotechnical Analysis Consultant, Sacramento, CA

Seismic Analysis on a Budget: Part I The Process

Michele Lemieux, P.E., Dam Safety Program Manager, and Brian Grant, P.E., Dam Rehabilitation Engineer, Montana

Dept. of Natural Resources, Helena, MT

Seismic Analysis on a Budget: Part II Hazard Maps

Ivan G. Wong, Principal Seismologist/Manager; Susan Olig; Mark Dober; Douglas Wright; and Eliza Nemser, Seismic

Hazard Group, URS Corporation, Oakland, CA; David Lageson, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT; Walter Silva,

Pacific Engineering & Analysis, El Cerrito, CA; Michael Stickney, Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology, Butte, MT;

Michele Lemieux, Montana Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation, Helena, MT; and Larry Anderson, US Bureau

of Reclamation, Denver, CO

Concurrent Session II: Studying Hydraulics

Avoiding a Spillway Malfunction – Hydraulic Model at Hickory Log Dam

Randall P. Bass, P.E., Senior Associate, Schnabel Engineering, Alpharetta, GA

Earthen Embankment Breach Research: Physical and Simplified Numerical Modeling of Breach Widening

Sherry L. Hunt, Research Hydraulic Engineer; Greg J. Hanson, Research Hydraulic Engineer; and Darrel M. Temple,

Research Leader, USDA-ARS Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit, Stillwater, OK

Spook Hill Flood Retarding Structure Emergency Spillway Overtopping and Piping Breach Failure Floodwater

Routing with FLO-2D

Brian Schalk, P.E., C.F.M., Stanley Consultants, Inc., Phoenix, AZ; and Mike Greenslade, P.E., Flood Control District of

Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ

Concurrent Session III: Inspections & Monitoring Technology

Closed Circuit Television Inspection of Outlet Works and Spillway Conduits and Toe Drains

Chuck R. Cooper, P.E., Civil Engineer, US Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, CO

Use of GOES Satellite Transmissions in Dam Monitoring

Thomas N. Keefer, Ph.D., Vice President of Special Projects, Sutron Corporation, Sterling, VA

Monitoring Upstream Sinkhole Development by Detailed Sonar Profiling

Stephen J. Rigbey, P.Eng., Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Hatch Acres, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Geotechnical Jambalaya

Limitations of Limit-Equilibrium Methods for Seismic Slope Stability Analysis

Nason J. McCullough, Ph.D., Associate Engineer, and Jaco Esterhuizen, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Engineer, CH2M Hill,

Corvallis, OR; and Stephen E. Dickenson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Perspectives on the South African Dam Safety Programme - With an Emphasis on Engineering Geological


Gary N. Davis, Manager of Engineering Sciences, Council for Geoscience, Pretoria, South Africa

Vertical Electrical Resistivity Sounding (VES) Surveys for Anomaly Detection, Characterization, and Verification

of Low Mobility Grouting in the Knox Formation

Gary H. McWhorter, P.E., Senior Engineer, and Ronald D. Wood, P.G., Engineering Geologist, Southern Company

Generation, Inc., Atlanta, GA; and Rene Rodriguez, Ph.D., Geophysicist, GECOH Exploration (Bolivia), Lexington, KY

Concurrent Session II: Laissez le RCC Rouler!

Remediation of RCC Dam Seepage – Upper Stillwater Dam Rehabilitation: Phase 1

Ron F. Hall, District Manager, and Paul Krumm, Project Manager, Nicholson Construction Company, Salt Lake City, UT;

and Jeff C. Allen, President, ASI-RCC, Inc., Buena Vista, CO

Construction Methods for Roller-Compacted Concrete Spillways

Timothy P. Dolen, P.E., Civil Engineer/Senior Technical Specialist, and John Trojanowski, P.E., Civil Engineer, US

Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, CO

Las Vegas Wash Rainbow Gardens Weir – RCC Structure on Drilled Piers

Gerry Hester, Project Manager, and Leanne Miller, Project Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Las Vegas, NV;

and Ed A. Toms, Vice President, Boyle Engineering Corp., Lakewood, CO;

Concurrent Session III: Singin’ the Blues No More Over Environmental Issues

New Dam Designs for Current Wetlands Regulations

  1. Dan Marks, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Consultant, Schnabel Engineering South, Arden, NC

Stuck Between the Dam and the Frog: A Dam Owner’s Perspective of Dealing with Conflicting Dam Safety

Concerns and Environmental Regulations

David L. Panec, Chief of the Dam Safety Section, California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA

Light at the End of the Tunnel in Dam Abandonment

David L. Moore, P.E., Director of Water Resources Planning, Burgess & Niple, Inc., Columbus, OH; and Jerry C. Reed,

Construction Manager, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Columbus, OH

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Structural Issues

Green Lane Gets Green Light: Parameter Sensitivity in Gravity Dam Stability Analysis

Greg Paxson, P.E., Associate, and Dave Campbell, P.E., Director of Dam Engineering, Schnabel Engineering, Inc., West

Chester, PA; and Tony Fernandes, P.E., Manager of Engineering Design and Construction, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., Bryn

Mawr, PA

Alkali-Aggregate Reactions in Dams: Stress Analysis and Long Term Predictions

Victor Saouma, Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO; and Luigi Perott, Graduate Student, California

Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Incident with Loss of Seven Post-Tensioned 72 Ton Anchors in a Dam

Malte Cederstrom, M.Sc., Dam Safety Engineer, Vattenfall AB, Stockholm, Sweden; Per-Erik Thorsall, Concrete

Research Engineer; Bengt Hildenwall, Dr. Engineering Materials; and Stig-Bjorn Westberg, Dr. Engineering Materials,

Vattenfall Utveckling AB, Alvkarleby, Sweden

Concurrent Session II: Risk

Safety Level Evaluation System for Dams

Keith R. Banachowski, P.E., Program Manager, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Dam Safety Engineering

Program, Columbus, OH

Embankment Dams in Earth Fissure Risk Zones – A Regulator’s Dilemma

Jon Benoist, P.E., Senior Engineer, and Ravi Murthy, P.E., Engineer, Arizona Department of Water Resources, Phoenix,


Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover: Experiences with Potential Failures Modes Analysis

Greg Hammer, Dam Safety Engineer, Colorado Division of Water Resources, Greeley, CO

Concurrent Session III: Emergency Preparedness/Response to Incidents

Joana Dam – An Emergency Safety Intervention

Antonio Nunes de Miranda, Ph.D., Geotechnical Independent Consultant, Fortaleza, Brazil; Rogerio de Abreu Menescal,

MSc., Director of the Water Works Branch, and Daniel Sosti Perini, Civil Engineer, Ministry of National Integration,

Brasilia, Brazil; and Francisco Ribeiro Soares, Civil Engineer, DNOCS-PI

A Boil on the Backside of Salt Fork Lake Dam, What a Pain in the . . .

Mia Kannik, P.E., Project Engineer, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Dam Safety Engineering Program,

Columbus, OH

Earth Slide Remediation of Acidic Effluent Holding Pond

Brad J. Arcement, P.E., Project Geotechnical Engineer; and A.E. (Eddie) Templeton, P.E., Principal Engineer, Burns

Cooley Dennis, Inc., Ridgeland, MS


8:30 am – 10:00 am

Technical Session: Dam Gumbo: Miscellaneous Topics

Dam Failure Warning System for an Embankment Dam in Kansas

William B. Empson, P.E., Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City, MO

Rock Erodibility Analysis

Guy S. Lund, P.E., and Scott Jones, Ph.D., P.E., URS Corporation, Denver, CO

Changing Dams to Fit Changing Land Use

John Cambridge, P.E., CFM, Project Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc., Lincoln, NE; Laurie Carrette Zook, P.E., CFM,

Contract Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc., Omaha, NE; and Arlis Plummer, P.E., Civil Engineer, USDA Natural

Resources Conservation Service, Lincoln, NE

10:30 am – 12:00 nn

Technical Session: Update on Dam Security

Unifying Dam Safety and Security: Responding to Natural Hazards and Human Threats at Dams

Frank Calcagno, Jr., Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Technical Session: Can We Live with Overtopping?

Minimum Energy Design Using Grassed Spillways

Barry Lewis, M.Env Sci., BE (Civil), Farm Dams Engineer, Australian Rural Water Authorities, Victoria, Australia

They Did What to the Dam? Preliminary Dam Improvement Design, Buckeye Lake State Park

Pete Nix, P.E., Geotechnical Division Manager, DLZ Ohio, Inc., Columbus, OH

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Concurrent Session I: Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Role of Statutes, Regulations, and Professional Standards in Establishing Legal Liability

Denis Binder, Professor, Chapman University School of Law, Orange, CA

Explosive Cratering on Earth Embankments and Dams Using a Geotechnical Centrifuge

Mathew J. Sausville, Graduate Student, Thomas F. Zimmie, Professor, Pickett T. Simpson, Research Associate; and

Tarek H. Abdoun, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic

Institute, Troy, NY

Show Me The Money –Funding For State Dam Safety Programs

Christopher A. Johnson, P.E., CFM, President, Dodson & Associates, Inc., Houston, TX

Concurrent Session II: Everyone Loves a Good Case Study

Geomembrane Installation at Salt Springs CFRD Dam

Erick Larson and Ray Kelly, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Francisco, CA; John Wilkes, CARPI, USA, Roanoke, VA;

Alberto Scuero, CARPI Tech S.A., Chiasso, Switzerland; and Trent Dreese, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA

Mississnewa Dam Settlement Investigation and Remediation

Kenneth E. Henn, III, P.G., Geologist, and Brook E. Brosi, P.G., Geotechnical and Dam Safety Section, US Army Corps of

Engineers, Louisville, KY

The Right Stuff – Teamwork and a Comprehensive Strategy Deliver Renovation Success at Standley Lake Dam

Joseph M. Green-Heffern, P.E., Senior Project Manager, GEI Consultants, Inc., Englewood, CO; and James R.

Schneider, P.E., Vice President and Principal Geoenvironmental Engineer, CH2M Hill, Inc., Englewood, CO

Workshop on Geosynthetics

8:30 am – 10:00 am

Geosynthetics Applications and Performance Reviews – Select Case Histories

Debora J. Miller, P.E., Ph.D., Manager of Earth Science and Hydraulics, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Windsor, CO; Dean B.

Durkee, P.E., Ph.D., Manager of Earth Science and Hydraulics, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Phoenix, AZ; Michael A. Morrison,

P.E., Project Manager, David B. Wilson, P.E., Manager of Geotechnical Section, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA;

and Kevin Smith, P.E., Chief, State Water Projects Bureau, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation,

Helena, MT

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Dam Rehabilitation Using Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Jim Olsta, P.E., Technical Manager, and Don Carine, Assistant Product Manager, CETCO, Arlington Heights, IL


Klinkner Dam Rehabilitation – Over the Top with Concrete Block

  1. Wade Anderson, P.E., Design Engineer, NRCS National Design Construction and Soil Mechanics Center, Fort Worth,

TX; and Robert P. Henrich, P.E., Civil Engineer, USDA-NRCS, Altoona, WI

Prompton Dam Hydrologic Deficiency and Spillway Modification

Troy T. Cosgrove, P.E., Geotechnical Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia, PA

Relief Drain Hole Cleaning and Dam Safety

William D. Spencer, P.G., Senior Geologist, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc., Nashville, TN

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